Hello world!

An initial post to get some stuff up here. Let’s see, what’s on my mind? Healthcare? Yeah, that’ll do. After being diagnosed with colon cancer in February and the corresponding surgery which fully cured me for the time being, I’m still getting bills. They come in as simply $ amounts, no context or itemization. I always have to follow up, which can take hours of my time.

Something between the best of intentions on the part of our lawmakers, resulting laws, and capitalistic monetization of my health has led to an experience that is utterly frustrating, especially considering the stressful nature of being unhealthy. I’m very lucky. It was caught early. I had excellent, competent doctors all of which were working together to optimize the outcome. I have excellent insurance. And I’m cured! No chemo, no radiation, just a surgery which was unpleasant but endurable.

What about people where all of those things don’t line up? I can’t even imagine. We should do more as a country and society to make this better.

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